Why Choose Us


Most companies have no strategy to contain their print related costs and often have no idea as to how much is actually spent.

Document creation and printing costs can consume between 5 and 15% of a company’s revenue. Most printer purchases are unplanned and uncoordinated with cheap printers being purchased with scant regard to the total cost of ownership.

When senior management and IT professionals are made aware of exactly how much their current strategy (or lack of) is costing, they are motivated to change to a more productive solution. Recurrent savings are estimated at between 15% and 40% in their document fleet spending.

We believe that every business would benefit from a print management strategy, which we can derive from a single print audit and site survey. Shown the facts, companies often act decisively and embark upon a new printing strategy that delivers instant cost savings and efficiencies as well as substantial improvements in the delivery and quality of printed documents.

At Clydesdale Office Equipment we supply the very latest touch and swipe screen technology on web access multi-function copy and print devices, which we can couple with innovative document solution software to solve all of your company’s print and copy requirements.

Why choose us for your print and copy equipment?

  • Colour multifunctional printers
  • Copy, scan and fax
  • Network printing
  • 10 inch touch screens
  • Swipe card technology
  • USB ports for scan to/print from USB memory
  • Environmentally conscious supplier

Our document solutions include:

  • Docuversal
    • A central storage point for gathering the documents or accessing them
    • A simple but powerful solution for batch scanning and automated batch document processing
  • Pcounter Europe
    • Complete and affordable network-oriented print accounting and secure print solutions
    • Embedded software terminals
    • Pcounter WebPay
    • Integration with external systems