Discover Innovative Interactive Displays With Clydesdale Office Equipment

Designed with education and corporate environments in mind BIG PAD has the power to transform meetings and lessons into so much more.

The full range includes affordable options for all size of organisations from the 40″ to the award-winning 80″ version. Perfect for any location that needs an intuitive, powerful and cost-effective display solution.

Interactive Display Solutions
  • Huge range of spectacular screen sizes
  • Stunning image quality with low energy consumption
  • SHARP Pen Software for intuitive writing, drawing and annotation
  • Smooth and hard-wearing antiglare coating
  • MFC connectivity
Use Anywhere
  • Mission-critical collaborative environments
  • Demanding corporate environments
  • Classrooms and higher education
  • Anywhere that needs an easy-to-use, powerful and cost-effective display solution
Spectacular Visuals

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